Middle School BLAZE

Session times for 6th, 7th and 8th are:

  1. Sundays 3-4:30pm

  2. Sundays 6:30-8pm

  3. Mondays 6-7:30pm

6th & 7th Grades

Middle School BLAZE uses resources from Life Teen.  They are structured as follows:
GATHER - The Gather welcomes the youth and introduces the night with games or icebreakers.
PROCLAIM - The Proclaim is the teaching portion of the night.  Presenters work to engage the youth in as many ways as possible by making the topic relevant to their lives. They strive to present creatively so the young people will want to grasp, remember, and apply the teaching.
BREAK - The Break is where the rubber hits the road. The youth have heard about a truth of our faith or how to deal with an issue in our world. Now, they have the opportunity to break it open on their level. The Break is where the young people have a chance to hear from each other and express their own feelings and understandings.
SEND - The Send is for the youth to be led into a time of prayer. Once the prayer experience concludes, the leaders will challenge the young people to do something daily to remember what they learned.

The Gather and Proclaim are done in large group and the Break and Send are done with their small groups.  Sixth and seventh grades use this format all year.  For more information about this resource, click the following link and watch the video titled â€œWhy Edge?”

8th Grade

Teens will use Purpose from Life Teen, which was created as a confirmation preparation program.  The format is all small group with Lectio Divinia on the Sunday readings; short teachings on particular topics; group activities and discussions.

Contact:  Sheila Tullier 
Phone:  469-467-9669 ext. 107
Email:  stullier@ourladyofangels.com