Confirmation Preparation

7th-12th Grade Youth

A Two Year Preparation Process

Our bishop is tasked with the responsibility to help his flock grow in their faith, so he asks all Diocese of Dallas parishes to provide two years of preparation for those seeking to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Our Confirmation Preparation process is more than a ‘program,’ it is about forming young people to grow as active disciples of Jesus and develop a sense of belonging to the Church.

 Preparation looks like this:

  • 6th grade – Foundational formation & catechesis

  • 7th grade – Year 1 Confirmation Preparation

  • 8th grade – Year 2 Confirmation Preparation & Continuing Discipleship

  • 9th grade & Beyond – Continuing Discipleship

 However, we recognize that for a variety of reasons there will be unconfirmed high school teens seeking to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and 8th graders who did not participate in the Year 1 preparation the previous year.

Year 1 Confirmation Preparation is for:

  • Any 7th grader.

  • Any 8th -11th grader who did not participate in Confirmation Year 1 last school year.

  • Special: Contact us if you are a high school senior or older and were not in Year 1 last school year.

Year 2 Confirmation Preparation is for:

  • For all 8th-12th graders who participated in Year 1 preparation last year, you are ready for Year 2.

  • Special: Contact us if a youth participated in a formation program at another parish last year, to determine equivalence.


Password required. Contact Sheila Tullier, stullier@ourladyofangels.com.